Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Ladies Tea & a Big Surprise for Me!

This is the quilt I have been trying to finish.  Well, today was the day.  I finished the sleeve this morning and was selling chances for this quit by early afternoon.  We will not pull a winning ticket for this quilt until a special fund raiser dinner April 5th.DSC06897The Ladies Tea is great fun and a fabulous fund raiser.  Each table is set by the table hostess and a waiter is assigned to each table.  This is Jerry, he was the waiter for Table 9 (the Table I was seated).


We have tea and scones and finger sandwiches as well as dessert.  This was the 14th Annual Ladies Tea to support the Antelope Valley Pregnancy Counseling Center.  I am Catholic and Pro-life and this is a very important topic for me.   There are door prizes and a live auction.  For the last few years (about 10, I think) I have made a quilt and sold chances for it and given all the proceeds to this cause.  Sometimes the winner of the quilt will donate it back and then it goes up for auction (this is usually very exciting and brings me to tears).    At the Tea this morning I was surprised to see one of my previous quilts up on the stage.  The lady that had previously won this quilt was donating it for an auction item at todays tea!  Here it is…

DSC06895Well the bidding started and there was a bidding war (gotta love that).  The quilt was finally auctioned of for, wait for it, wait for it… $1150.00!  Wow!  Did I shed a few tears?  Tears of joy! Of course I did (I’m just a big mushball anyway).  Here is Jerry & the winner of the quilt!  She was sooo happy and made me a proud quilter.DSC06891My husband, Scott, was a waiter today too.  I did not get a picture of him (darn it).  But he went to the hall early and set up the quilt for today and took pictures of the beautiful tables.  What a guy!  So now I can share these beautiful tables right here in my blog.  Enjoy…

DSC06859     DSC06860DSC06861     DSC06862DSC06863     DSC06864DSC06865     DSC06866DSC06867     DSC06868DSC06869     DSC06870DSC06871     DSC06872DSC06873     DSC06874DSC06875     DSC06876DSC06877     DSC06878DSC06879     DSC06880DSC06881     DSC06882DSC06883     DSC06885DSC06886

Well, I must get back to quilting, on to the next project or three!

Blog at you later,


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Dawna (Stitches from the Tub) said...

Your quilts are always gorgeous,congrats on a previous years quilt raising additional funds for the Center. I am blessed to have such a giving person as a friend. Thanks to Scott for getting pics of all the tables.