Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movin' on to St. Paddy's Day

I don’t have a quilt for St. Patrick’s Day, do you?  I would love to have one, I better add that to my list of quilts to design!  In the meantime I do have a Starbucks Cup with the ability to change the liner.  So here is my St. Paddy’s Day Cup…Starbucks Cup

I don’t want to pass by Valentines Day without a thank you.  My wonderful, talented and handsome husband brought me flowers, chocolate and a card the day before Valentines because he would be out of town on the special day!  I sure do love him bunches!



He is very talented.  He designed, cut and stained this helmet rack to hand in his Music/Harley room.  He did a beautiful job!


Now there is a safe place for our helmets.DSC06816Next on his list of showing off his amazing talents is to figure out what is wrong with my baby (the car) and fix her up!  She came home on a flatbed last night.  I do believe this was her first tow home, so sad!  Let’s pray she doesn’t need a new engine.DSC06919Now on to the next project.  Here is a sneak peek!  Batiks, can you imagine!  Ha, ha.


Ok, I got to gat back to the sewing machine,

Blog at you later,


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