Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching Up?

I am not sure if I am catching up or getting further behind.  February is already a crazy month, and it just started.  This picture pretty much explains my life…DSC068501There are a few other things happening, like ripping out beautiful dense quilting.  I have this really big quilt (108” x 108”), sent it off to Vickie for quilting.  She was 3 rows in when she discovered I had a section sewn in WRONG!  All the quilting needed to come out and then I have to rip out the incorrect area and get it back together and back to Vickie.  I need to get this one to Seattle mid February.  YIKES!  I have ripped, Vickie’s daughter Allison ripped, my friend Sheryl ripped and I’m back at it again.  Ripping is awful!  Creating is way more fun!  At least we have a brand new big TV as of yesterday, now I can watch TV (not usually me) and Rip, Rip, Rip!DSC06849I do need to squeeze in some time to machine quilt and bind the Star Quilt.  There is a Ladies Tea February 9th and I need to be there with this quilt to sell tickets (by the way, I cannot find the tickets, might have to get them printed by Saturday as well).DSC06848

Just a commercial break….

This is Ollie, and he was fast asleep just like this.  Crazy Cat!DSC06847

Now for some sneak peeks…

This fabric is almost a quilt top, it is not ready for sharing just yet.  No worries, I will share when I can.DSC06851DSC06852This stack needs to be a quilt soon.  One again, I will share when I can.This is a basket block.  I will be appliqueing it when the ripping is done.  It is another secret.  I have so many things I cannot share just yet, but when the time is right you will see them all.DSC06854

I have been needing to blog, but with so many things under wraps it is hard to give any eye candy.  Catching Up?  I don’t know, I sure am busy creating!  My house looks like it too (no picture of the house, that would just be wrong).

Well, I hope you are busy creating too, and for now…

Blog at you later,


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