Monday, September 10, 2012

Design Board Monday! Chaos!

DSC06362Here I am again!  Does this design board look chaotic or what?  It seems to be reflective of my current state of life!  Can you create with chaos all around?  I don’t seem to be to good at it.  I have sooo many works in progress, that none of them seem to be getting near the finishing point.  I would like to take one at a time and just knock them out, but there are too many things pulling at me.

DSC06363First, let’s talk quilting…

I have come up with a new class to teach.  We are going to start with pictures that are brought in by each student.  From those pictures, we will pull colors and place them into the EQ7 program using a quilt block designed just for the class.4 Month 1 - Block

After we are happy with the colors and orientation of the blocks as well as the size of the quilt each student intends to make, they will go searching for fabrics to coordinate with the color choices based on their picture.  Yikes!  That is a lot of information, but there’s more.  The blocks I have designed for this class are based on 2 1/2” strips, therefore, the Accu-cut can be used while we are in the classroom.  This should be a fun and exciting class.  The first session will be Saturday, September 15th from 2 – 5.  I can’t wait to see what we create!

DSC06364In the meantime, this is part of my chaos!  The kitchen is getting a new coat of paint and a bit of an upgrade in style and color.  The black and white theme will stay (while adding in some coffee color), but it will have a new set of fabrics and accent colors (hopefully soon).


My new inspiration comes from a fabric line from Wilmington Prints, here is the stripe from the line I am in love with, Marche de Fleurs:


Just in case you thought I might be over reacting to the kitchen situation, the bathroom plumbing is backed up as well!  The plumbers are back, still no flow!  Yikes, one more time!

Here’s to hoping I can create something soon..

Blog at you later,


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