Friday, July 29, 2011

On the Wall & A New Adventure!

Working on a new pattern for a new fabric line
The quilt is growing, and in my eyes,
becoming beautiful.
I hope to have the top together today (ha ha).
More about this one later.
I have a few items entered into the
Of course none of them are finished.
I need to drop them off
at the fairgrounds on the 7th.
Here is a sneak peek at one of the quilts.
It is a small wall hanging.
Hoping to quilt this one today as well
(more ha ha).
Now on to the info about my new adventure...
First off this is my friend Suzanne
and her wonderful family.
Suzanne is an awesome Mom,
wonderful person,
has an awesome singing voice
and is all around full of love.
She is beautiful through and through.
Oh, by the way, she also has cancer.
She blogs about her family and her challenges.

She has quite a way with words
and with 7 children there is always
something funny going on.
If you would check out her blog,
you can find her at

She has asked me for help
making quilts for her kids from their clothes.
I usually don't take on T-shirt quilt projects,
but there is no way I could turn this down.

She has completed a quilt for Joey, the oldest.
My adventure is to get
quilts together for the other 6.

Next in line is Lindsey.
Lindsey wanted to make sure
her Mom did some stitching on her quilt,
so we got out a machine
and Suzanne stitched up some squares.

I brought home a pile of
Lindsey's clothes and had dreams
of piecing her quilt all night long.

I need to get a couple of other projects completed,
then on to Lindsey's quilt.
After that...

So much to do,
Blog at you later,

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