Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Website!

Here are a few new patterns I need to share:
This is titled:
America the Beautiful

This one is called:
Arctic Foxes

You can find both of these patterns
on my new and improved Website.

Here is a link:

I am now a .biz instead of a .com!

I had a problem with my .com
and decided to start all over again.
It has taken a while to learn new software,
but at this moment in time
I am rather happy
with what I have accomplished.

I also want to encourage you
to check out my page on Pattern Spot.
If you feel so inclined please follow me there.
A great big THANKS!!

I found out yesterday
that there is interest in a pattern
I have developed for publishing in a magazine,
but that is all I can share for now.
I will share much more when the time is right.

Have a creative day,
blog at you later,

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