Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Linda's Fish Slice Quilt and other Fun Stuff

All the Fish parts have not arrived yet.
Therefore we cannot complete
the entire fish pond,
but I can show you fish parts
with the hope of a complete pond next week.

Here is Jacque and her slice of fish...

Next, Ilana and her piece of fish...

Linda will eventually enjoy the entire fish,
but for now, this is her serving...

Peggy is feeling fishy as well...

Here are some close ups of the fish parts...

Everybody did such a great job,
we can't wait to see the rest
and then get them together.

Until then,
I have more pictures of our show and share.
These are great quilts Leni brought to share.

Margaret is working on
what I think is a really cool project.
This is just one little part.
Here are some other blocks
(I think they were Margaret's,
and I think they might be pot holders?)
A few days have passed
and I seem to loose retention,
does this happen to anyone else, 
or am I solo on this?
These blocks are from Leni
(I forgot to get a picture early on
and made her get it out again)
These are very tiny and all hand pieced!!!
This is Margaret's beautiful daughter-in-law.
We were happy to have her join us on her visit,
and she even brought show and share. 

It was a really good meeting.
We shared some great ideas
and the fish parts
were really amazing in real life.

I have many projects in the works,
So that means I will have good stuff to share,
gotta go get busy, blog at you later,


corina said...

I can't wait to see the whole fishy quilt! What a fun idea. The only question is - who gets to keep the quilt?!

Tiffany Hayes said...


We have taken turns with this project. Linda picked this picture, enlarged it and handed out pieces. She will get all the pieces and then someone else in the group will go next, and so on, until we all have our own quilt full of pieces from our friends. It is a really cool idea. I also can't wait to see all the pieces together.