Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warning! Not my normal Blog! I am on Vacation!

Scott and I left for a week long vacation alone!
So, for the next week my blog
will share out adventures in Birch Bay, Washington
and the surrounding area.
I will be sharing quilt stores,
food, Harley shops and scenery,
as well as anything else I think I might want to share.
So now is your chance to choose whether you wish to go on vacation with me.
Here we go...

Breakfast at Western Bagel!
Everything cheese bagel, toasted with cream cheese!
 We landed in Seattle and started heading north.
We passed the QWEST Stadium, home of the Seattle Seahawks.
 On to Pikes Place Market.
I love Farmers Markets and this one is wonderful.
This is where they throw the fish in the Fish Market.
I saw this event, but did not get video, sorry!
 We had to visit the first Starbucks.
Scott has a great smile now that he has his coffee!
Here is a short video of the singers in front of Starbucks,
there were a few street performers,
They were all very good.
Check these guys out...
 This is the view of the bay out the window
where we had a late lunch.
 Scott had a Philly Cheese-steak Burger.
 I had Mushroom Ravioli.
Lunch was very nice.
The Tulips at the Farmers Market were absolutely beautiful.
Tulips are my all time favorite!
Ok, I am always looking for something different and inspiring.
I have seem mosaic work with plates and cups before,
but this was done on a cement bench
I located in the alleyway at Pikes Place.
Pretty cool, huh?
 Now for the Harley sightings.
Here is the first store we saw,
of course we had already left out $20 parking location,
so we just took a picture from a moving car and kept on going.
 The buildings here are really cool to this desert girl.
 Harley sighting number 2...
 Found this at the rest stop,
had to share.
They also offered free coffee, wow!
 Harley sighting number 3 for the day.
 Here is the view of Birch Bay from our condo balcony.
 Here is the view the other direction, cool houses.
We are going out to explore the area today.
Quilt stores?
Hayley Shops?

Off to see what the day brings,
Blog at you later,

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Cathy said...

Check out the shop Tangled Threads in Lynden. They aren't huge, but were very nice and had great fabrics.
There was a lovely yarn shop along the road there in Birch Bay the last time we were there. It's called the Beach Basket. Even if you don't knit or crochet, all of the colors and textures are beautiful! The candy shop was closed for winter when we were there, but the owner had been to a show some place and gave us some samples that were left over. YUM!
See if you can find a Bob's Burger & Brew. The food is great, but you'll probably have some left over for later.
There is a small State Park at the southern end of the bay. If the weather is cooperative you should get some fabulous sunsets too.
Have fun!