Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun and Adventurous Day!

Here is a view of the condo's where we are staying.
 We went exploring today.
No real plan, find some quilt stores,
Harley shops and have some good food.
All this while checking out the Washington scenery.

First stop...
What an enjoyable store.
We chatted with the owner, Sharylann, for a bit.
She shared with me a challenge
that she had recently completed.
She chose a picture and then created a quilt
using the colors from the picture.
What a cool idea.
Her quilt was made with Batiks (my favorite)!
 Next stop, downtown Lynden.
I love this kind of quaint towns.
This downtown was fun.
 Next we found ourselves at Calico Country.
This was a nice store.
I don't know if you can see him in the picture,
but there was a little boy playing in the front window,
how cute?
We had a nice talk with Mary,
discovered we had both been to the Road to California show.
Funny, huh?
 Fourth Corner Quilts was another nice find.
I actually saw some fabrics in this store
from which I have designed patterns.  
 I have a few goodies to take home from each store,
lucky me!

We located a couple of Harley shops.
I fell in love with the pink helmet!!
I also debated about buying the jacket I have modeled.
I left the store without it, but I did love it!
 We found a music store (more of Scott's favorite pastimes).
They had such a great variety of guitars.
Many beauties!
We had lunch at Five Guys.
It seemed similar to Inn-N-Out,
had it's own take on burgers.
We enjoyed it,
I especially loved that they told us where
the potatoes were from that they used
to make out French fries.  
In the Antelope Valley,
where we live,
the wind can be truly crazy!
So the video above is for those of you
who understand our wind conditions!

We found an Ark!
Good thing cuz it was raining a lot!

Dinner was at CJ's Beach House.
 I had a very good New England Clam Chowder.
 We traveled Chuckanut Drive.
Here are a couple of pictures from a lookout point.
 What a cutie!!
Wow, what a day!
More quilt stores,
Harley shops
and beautiful scenery!
Oh and food!

Blog at you later,

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