Friday, April 15, 2011


 Long, fun day!!
We started out with a visit to Sound Harley Davidson.
 Is this crazy? or what?
I found a quilt at the Harley shop!!!
Pretty cool, huh?
 Next we went to The Needle & I.
Great shop!
 Open and immaculate.
 Very nice displays.
 What an enjoyable store.
I spoke with Terry Martin.
I would have loved to purchase
one of her books and have her sign it.
The store did not have any of her books there.
Too bad.

Off to the Space Needle.
I took a quick video of the trip up.
I didn't get it all,
but it is only a 41 second ride!
 Right next to the Space Needle is the
It was a really cool place.
This looked like a tornado of guitars and stuff.
Scott had fun here.
 I am always intrigued with unique artwork.
This stained glass was at the parking structure in Seattle.
Picture 1.
Picture 2.
 This was really cool, too!
There is a Troll under a bridge in Seattle.
We found him on out second attempt.
I really thought he was great!

We had a lovely dinner by the Bay.
I am wiped out tonight.

Tomorrow I should have some fun stuff to share.
Tulip Fields,
Woodworking Co-op
and a Quilt walk through Anacortes.

Goodnight for now,
blog at you later,

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