Friday, April 15, 2011


We started our adventure yesterday
by figuring out that we had no GPS.
Now we had to use maps, how old fashioned!
I know this sounds like no big deal, but..
Scott is doing all the driving,
that means I am the navigator.
I need to share with you that I am directionally challenged!
Really challenged.
This almost put me into panic mode.
I think I was in a bit of a funk all day.

Well, we got to the Peace Arch just fine.
 Then the fun really began.
Scott got into the NEXES(?) line.  
That was not the lane we should be in.
We had to park and go into the Border Crossing building.
The girl there had a sense of humor.
She had a bit of fun at our expense, but it was ok with us.
It was actually entertaining.
Well, with a few U-turns we made our way
to Wineberry Fabrics.
 Nice store.
I picked up a pattern designed by one of the owners.
We had a little chat with Barbara (another one of the owners).
We were amused at how the customers
were complaining about the rain.
I think it rained from the time we crossed the border
until we arrived back in the United States.

We made our way to the Quilted Bear.
The shop looked really cute,
the sign said they should be open,
but the doors were locked.
I wanted to get in there really bad, no luck.
 We had lunch in a little place in the corner of a strip mall.
I had quiche and Scott had a sandwich.
Lunch was enjoyable.
We sat at the counter and
watched the rain come down
while we ate.

After lunch
we headed to
Barnes Harley.

A few more U-turns, but we got there (in the rain).
Wonderful shop, lots of clothes and lots of bikes.
I cannot believe they just leave the bikes out front in the rain, but they do.
On the way back to Washington
I snapped this picture of a McDonalds.
It was unlike any I had seen before,
so I thought I would share. 

We saw more barns on this day than we have probably seen in our lives up to this point.

Of course, I didn't get any pictures of them.
Funny that,
seeings as how I am a
self proclaimed barn lover.
I would live in a
converted red barn if I could.  

We are off to Seattle for the day.
To the Space Needle and other fun places.
Of course I will share them.

Blog at you later,
Off to explore,

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