Monday, April 26, 2010

Poppy Reserve and Picnic

They are just beautiful!

The poppies and my girls!
We had a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Poppy Fields.
The six of us shared a picnic lunch.

This is my daughter, Carissa with her boy Darrin.
Check out that picnic basket Darrin is carrying,
my wonderful friend, Dawna,
gave it to me for my birthday.
This was the first test run,
many more picnics to follow.
On the way back, Scott pulled over and let me get a couple of pictures of the sheep.
I know they are far off, but those really are a herd of sheep.
What a wondrful sight on Good Shepard Sunday, don't you think?
After the Poppies, we visited Apollo Park.
What a lovely day.
The weather was just georgous.
This is a shot of my daughter Lindsay and her boy Vinnie.
What a great day.
We also traveled over the Musical Road,
then had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa,
as well as our son Nick and his friends Chris and Jen.
After and evening of cards with Granmda and Grandpa
Scott and I were tired out.
I sure slept well last night.
Now to create!!!

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