Saturday, April 24, 2010

Antelope Valley Poppy Festival

Antelopes on Parade
Our friend Mike Mullich makes amazing stained glass creations
as well as teaches his art to others.
The first Antelope we came to at the
Poppy Festival was created by Mike.
There were 5 Antelopes unveiled today at the Festival.
I only located 4 of them.
Thought I would share them.
This 4th one I located was made by a lady named Kris.
When I read about her, she had quoted Paula Reid, another artist I know who resides in the Antelope Valley.
You can read about the Antelopes on Parade here:

We also came across this replicated saw.
I am not sure if you can see,
but this one is powered by pedal power.
It replicates a saw from the lated 1800's,
but is was actually made about 6 years ago.
Pretty cool, huh?
Now for the sand sculpture.
This was amazing.
The gentleman working on this creation stated
he had been working on it for 3 days!
We enjoyed a fun afternoon at the Poppy Festival.
Tommorow we are hoping to head out to the
Poppy Reserve for a picnic after church!
Sounds like another fun day.


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