Friday, April 23, 2010

Funday Friday

Look what we did!
Six of us in the Nimble Thimble group
decided to do what we called a slice quilt.
Peggy went first.
She decided on a picture and divided it up
and gave each of us a piece.
We had 2 months to work on our piece.
Peggy gave us complete freedom of color choice,
technique and materials. 
Today we came together and shared our results.
Strip 1, Peggy.
Strip 2, Nancy.
Strip 3, Ilana.
Strip 4, Jacque.
Strip 5, Karen.
Strip 6, Me (Tiffany).

Time for a new challenge.
This time Ilana picks the picture.
This time we will call it a Tile Quilt!

Now for some other show and share:
This is the quilt we put together for another quilter in need.
This is a baby quilt made by Peggy.
It is really cute.
Karen has made a few baby bibs.
I think they are adorable.

As you can tell, we had alot going on today.
Happy to share it.


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