Monday, January 11, 2010


What's on my design board?
Well, I have made this Milkshake!
It is the first block from a patten by Lizze B Cre8tive.
It is starting to be a very fun and cute quilt.

Check out their website:

Now, what else might be on the design board today?
I was pressing the Milkshake block this morning
and decided to go on and press some more applique blocks.
Have you ever pressed your applique?
I was taught to take a bath towel and put in on the ironing board.
Go ahead and double up the towel.
Place your applique block face down on the towel.
I like to use the Best Press Clear Starch.
Give a few sprays to the back of the block and press.
This will make the block look great without smashing down
all your beautiful applique.

Well, I got carried away pressing and dug out
some blocks that I started last year.
I will try to get this quilt finished
and ready for Valentines Day this year.
I am excited to see these blocks again.
This is one I am designing as I go.
I don't know what you think, but I love it so far!!

Until next time,

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michelle j said...

Tiffany, I really like these heart/valentine blocks! Great work!