Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Goddess Block Project–Block 8

I am really amazed at how fast time is passing.  I guess I am actually realizing this because I am post each week by number.  Block 8 already!DSC_0006

It is a funky looking block, don't you think? Block 8 – Double Spin!  Block 8 - Double SpinClick on the picture of the block below to get the PDF instructions. Block 8 - Double Spin - Gray

Click on the Block 8 below for a short video:Block 8 Header

Here is the block all stitched up.DSC_0008

I used 36 blocks to come up with this quilt.  Do you see the Double Spin now?  It is kinda crazy on the eyes, first I see the yellow pinwheels then the white ones.Double Spin Quilt

If you create something fun with this block, please share it with me.  I hope you are enjoying these blocks.  It is a lot of work to have a new one each week, but I am excited each time I push myself to create a new block.  So many more to do…

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