Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Board Monday


Well, there it is!!  My design wall!  It is just a bit different that the last time I shared, but indeed it is different.  On the left are the applique blocks that I am slowly turning out.  I love them, but have made a decision that I should only be producing my own designs (we will see how well that works, seeing's as how when I see something new and fun I just have to do it!)


This is the quilt in the center of the wall.  It is my design and it is called MOD QUAD – CHRISTMAS.  First off, can you believe that it is time to work on Christmas?  Where has the time gone?

This is the second version on this pattern.  The first one was just called MOD QUAD.

58 x 70Both the patterns are for the same set of quilts, they are just shown in different color ways (one small exception being the border, in the Christmas version the border matches the red fabric).

I had a post earlier about the making of the MOD QUAD quilt in the pink and grey.  Click here to see that post.

Anyway, both patterns are available on my website, which you can get to by clicking on the picture of the quilt.  They are also available on my ETSY store which you can get to by clicking on the heart below.EtsyHeartLogo

My patterns are also available at Bolts in the Bathtub.  Most of the time you can find them online, but if not just give the store a call and one can be shipped out to you. 


Now for a another fun share:

I was visiting my Mom and Grandma this past weekend.  Grandma surprised me with 2 great gifts!  First she had me unload all the pins from her pincushion (this is the only pincushion I remember her using for ever and ever).  After all the pins were moved to a new pincushion, she presented me with the empty one!  I will treasure this gift forever, who wouldn’t want to have their Grandma’s pin cushion?  I am one luck girl!!

Next, she had Scott get down a Featherweight sewing machine from the upper shelf, and guess what?  She gifted that to me as well!!!DSC06321

I need to do a little research.  It looks to be in very good condition, but I need a foot pedal for it and maybe a case.

I am feeling like a very lucky girl!

Looks like I better get busy though if there will be more to share from the design board next week.

So, blog at you later,


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