Thursday, August 16, 2012

OMG I love my Nifty Notions Rulers!

DSC06322Ok, so am a self taught quilter from way, way back!  I never really was worried about my points.  But then…..

I started designing… and started to have my quilts published… and well perfect points became more important in my life.  So, check out these points.  Still not perfect, but pretty darn close!       


It is amazing when you have a great teacher to share the important techniques.  Even better when that person is your friend!  Of whom do I speak?  Well, Dawna Harrison, of course!  I have never seen a quilter who is more accurate that Dawna.  I always learn from her.

I am not a gadget girl!  I do not need to collect every cool thing that comes along.  I have to be shown how a tool works and I have to really be impressed to buy that tool.  Well, here are some rulers that I had to have.  I use them constantly.  They help me to create the best quilt projects.  I do not endorse nor get paid for sharing, I just share cuz I care.DSC06324

I hope to create a short video in the future to show you why I think these rulers are so wonderful.  Until then, if you are near Bolts in the Bathtub and I am in the store, I would love to show you personally.  So come on by.

Gotta get back to my project, so…

Blog at you later,


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