Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Wall Monday

The blank design wall has morphed into a design wall with projects in progress!DSC06275Like always I have many things going on at once.  I simply don’t understand the quilters who can work one project at a time.  If that works for them, that is great.  No way I can do only six projects at once!

Today I want to talk a little bit about the block that is top and center on my design wall.  This is the beginning of a Block of the Month Applique project that I am leading at Bolts in the Bathtub.

It is a wonderful applique quilt called Flower Box Medley by QP Designs.  I really am enjoying the creations by Colette Belt of Quilters Paradise in Clovis, Ca.

Now about the things I am learning and the things I know:

Do you pin?  I do!  I didn’t used to, but when I began to strive for better end result I had to do a self evaluation.  So here are some things that I do now…DSC06276I pin!  Not always, but pretty much.  Sure does make my blocks and quilts flatter!  If you are a quilter, you need to know…  flatter is better!

Are you a careful presser?  Do you press?  Or do you iron?  I press (now)! Ironing is for clothes and can distort your block. Did you know that?DSC06279I also decided after making the first block in this quilt (which I will not be ripping out or remaking) that I should press it differently. I definitely use Best Press! I love it!!

Can you see the pressing seams in the first block I made?DSC06277I do not like hoe I can see the shadow of the pressed seam.

For the second block I pressed the seams to the dark little brown border.DSC06278See the difference from the front?DSC06280Here is the back.  I like this so much better.  Just a little attention to detail and I am a happier girl!DSC06281Now to mark the block to get it ready for applique.  I use a Frixion pen.  The ink disappears with the heat of the iron.  Pretty cool!!DSC06282I use a light box and trace my design directly on my quilt block.DSC06283I also draw the applique pieces.  When the Frixion pen is just to dark, I use my Clover White Marking Pen.  If you have this pen, it it heat sensitive as well and the ink disappears when you place the iron over it.  the thing with this pen is…  when you draw with it, it needs a few seconds for the white to show up.  At first you may think the pen is out of ink, but give it a few seconds and you will see the results you need.DSC06284Now my pieces are drawn and I am ready to sit down some television with my hubby tonight and applique away!!DSC06285I do want to share that these pens, as well as other quilting tools are available at most Quilt Stores.  With that being said I will now climb up on my soap box a share a few thought…

Please support your local Quilt Stores!!!!  I know you can frequently get your tools at a lower price in larger stores or online.  Do you realize that your little store needs all the support you can give them?  If you support the Quilt Store, they may be able to stay in business.  If you go elsewhere they will go away!  Have you noticed how many Quilt Stores have gone out of business?  They need your support.  I understand that they all carry different selections and if you need something they so not have you will go out and find it somewhere else.  All I am asking is that you support the little guys whenever possible.

Thanks,  I am now getting down from my soap box, hopefully it won’t come out too often.

I will linking to Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.

Blog at you later,


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Dawna said...

Great tips on pinning and pressing. Of course your applique will be beatiful as always.