Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cure a Child

This is a close up of a small quilt I did for my friend Terri. Terri created the quilt, I only gave it a bit of quilting.  I think it will be either a raffle or auction item.

DSC05955 - 1

She asked my to donate my quilting for a special event.


This charity helps families in the Antelope Valley (where we live, of course).  Here is what they are about:

Our Mission is to provide support to families in the Antelope Valley struggling with the effects of childhood illness and to contribute to pediatric hospitals and charities that Make a Difference in the community.


So, having a child who is a cancer survivor, there was no question as to whether I would help.

Here is the flyer for the event that will happen tomorrow.  If you live in the Antelope Valley, come on over and support the cause!


Hopefully I will see you there,

until then,

Blog at you later,


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