Friday, May 11, 2012

Cotton & Chocolate

I finally made it to Cotton & Chocolate!!
I am happy to share that they
are not only a Quilt Sampler store,
but their quilt is on the cover!

Here is the logo on their front door.

My plan today did not really include a quilt store,
but you might know by now
I will squeeze one in where-ever possible.
I really loved their coffee mugs!

After taking Aunt Evalyn to the Van Nuys FlyAway
so she could get back to Tennessee,
I went way out of my way to get to Thousand Oaks.

I let Dawna know where I was via text.
Her response was:
"Green with Envy"

Well, I decided to enjoy every second I had in their shop.
Lucky for you I had my camera ready.

What do you think?
Cute shop?
I think so!

I love this basket quilt.
Janice did it as well.
Hers was hanging in Bolts in the Bathtub for awhile.
I wish I would've taken that class with her.

There were wall to wall quilt samples.
I love that.
So much inspiration!

It is late,
I was up early,
went for a ride on the Harley,
and now I'm gonna rest!

blog at you later,

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