Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monarchs, Dolphins, Seals & just one Quilt

Started out the day viewing thousands of Monarch Butterflies.
If you are ever in Pismo Beach I suggest you visit the butterflies.
I traveled to Avila to see the Seals.
I found a few swimming
I think it was too late in the day to see a group of them.
I did find a wonderful fruit and veggie stand,
with pumpkins, flowers and farm animals.
I love this picture of the pumpkins
it is my new screen saver.
Loving the sunflowers too.
Random art always intrigues me.
This is a picture of the town of Avila.
I love little quaint towns like this.
Now, for the one and only quilt of the day.
Not an actual quilt,
but a picture of an actual quilt.
I found it in a little gift store out near the dock in Avila.
Funny where I find quilts.
lets see what tomorrow brings.

Heading home in the afternoon,

Blog at you later,

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