Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crepes, 4 Quilt Stores & Crappy Mexican Food

I started out the day at Le Ciel in San Luis Obispo
(this all happened yesterday, by the way).
The Crepes, Potatoes & Homemade
Cream of Mushroom soup was wonderful.
I had the special of the day:
my Crepe included
Balsamic Chicken, Bacon, Tomatoes, Basil,
Mozzarella Cheese & Slivered Almonds.
It was very, very good.
I am on a crepe kick by the way.
Each table had a different set of salt and pepper shakers.
I thought this was a fun idea,
by the way,
Scott's Mom collects salt & pepper shakers
so I was intrigued by the assortment.
These were at my table.

Off to my first quilt store...
Quilter's Cupboard in Atascadero.
I managed to visit and leave
without a picture of the store front,
silly me!
I have been to Atascadero twice before in my life...
On a bus from Perris High School for CIF Football games.
Two years in a row!
Let me tell you, that is a long bus ride.
I was a Cheerleader,
just in case you were wondering why I was on the bus.

this trip was much more pleasent,
the store is full of fun quilts.
I saw someone I knew there,
crazy, huh?
The owner, Lori, was great.
I had such a nice time just wandering at my own pace.
It was lovely.
I bought a few pieces of Batik to add to my collection.
No rhyme or reason,
I just needed them.

Next stop,
Sew Fun, still in Atascadero.
This time I got a pic of the store front.
Once again I meandered at my own pace
(which was pretty slow today).
I totally enjoyed checking out all the samples and fabrics.
The quilts on the wall of the classroom area were great.
I love the one with the black and triangles.
Another quilter came in for advice while I was there,
she had a great quilt,
I didn't ask her if I could take a picture,
but I sure wish I had.
I picked up some more Batiks,
surprise, surprise!!

At this point I was feeling kinda guilty
for my little quilt run adventure.
I don't know why,
I didn't have anything else to do
(except work on my computer)
but getting inspired is just a important don't you think?

back to Pismo and into Quiltin' Cousins.
Little store, but jammed full of fun stuff!!
Another familiar face...
someone else I knew,
I love the colors in this shop.
It is more my style.
I was feeling very inspired,
looking for something...
There it is...
that fabric with Day of the Dead on Gray!!!
I found some coordinates and my brain started to spin.
I will be playing with these and my computer later,
who knows what will happen?
Did I really need another project,
I told Shawn, the owner, she will probably see me
again and again during my stay in Pismo.

One more store for today!
I wanted to chat with the web person there
because we are using the same web hosting company.
I ended up chatting most of the afternoon.
I love quilters.
They are warm and loving, and usually quite a hoot.
I really enjoyed my time here.
I shared my projects and stories.
I found a copy of Strip Six, written by
Daniela from Cozy Quilts in El Cajon.
Daniela is really a great person.
I am happy to support her.
I picked up some Cosmo floss as well,
they tell me it is great,
so I had to have some.
Oh yea,
after all that I had some crappy Mexican Food,
nothing to write home about.
Let's move on.

I think this is the longest post I have ever blogged.

Here is a picture of the beach this morning.
The weather is beautiful
and I must go to the Post Office
to send a quit to Fons & Porter,
then to explore.

with all that said...

Blog at you later,

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