Monday, December 6, 2010

Clever Carissa

Carissa (my daughter of 18 years) presented me with JOY today.
She made these blocks for me.
I love them.

Over the weekend I purchased this Santa at a boutique
that was part of a home tour and progressive lunch.
I will share more about that in another blog.
Santa was made on top a candle stick holder
and he sits nicely on the counter in my lavender bathroom.
Isn't he wonderful?

 I was out of town this past weekend.
I visited Little House of Quilts as well.
 It is a cute store.
Located in Sun City, Ca.

If you find yourself in Sun City,
may I suggest you visit this quilt shop.
I understand this store will be on the
in May.

I have soooo much to work on right now.
Quilts to be quilted,
patterns to write,
website to update and
blogs to blog.

blog at you again soon,

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