Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas on the Blvd

A Magical BLVD Christmas Logo
Scott and I went for a stroll on the Blvd. tonight.

We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa
at the Brooklyn Deli.   Yummy!
JA slide show

We were walking along and realized that there was a reindeer to see.
So I snapped a picture of him.
There were carolers at the Western Hotel.
This woman was dressed up and singing in front of the
Lancaster Performing Arts Center.
She was up very tall and had puppets dancing in her dress.
I am not sure if you can see that in the picture,
but is was entertaining.
There was a lot more to see and do.
It was a great night on the Blvd.
Just thought I would share it a bit.


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