Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Tile Quilt

Another wonderful Nimble Thimble adventure.
We are really jumping outside the box these days.
This is Ilana's quilt.
She divided up a block and white picture of a flower.
Each piece was handed out randomly among 7 of us.
We were to use any colors and technique
to create our parts of the quilt.
Friday we came together to see what we had done.
It sure is exciting for the group.
Well, here it is.
There is a bit missing,
that that will be fixed soon enough.
Ilana put them up on the design board.
Nancy needed to see them pushed together,
so here they are:
The next 3 pictures are of my pieces of the quilt:
Nancy is next, stay tuned to see what the next project turns out to be....

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