Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So much to do!!!

This is what I have done last night and this morning.

Guess what?  I had to unstitch!!
Sometimes the easiest projects get me.
Well this is what is on the design wall so far.
And this is the EQ7 version of the quilt.
This one is really different for me, but kinda fun.
We will have a few kits for it at Bolts in the Bathtub
and I will have a pattern on my website as soon as
I get it written and proofed by the wonderful Michelle.

I know I have been lacking on the blog thing.  
I have excuses, really!!
As if you care, you do don't you?
We were camping the beginning of June.
On a cruise ship mid June.
Then there was quilt run.
I had to get ready for, 
work, and then try to recover from.

Now for the exciting news.
There is a Harley in my garage.
Scott finally has a Harley.
He is beside himself.
The garage is as clean as I have seen it in years.
Nick was helping him clean yesterday and managed
to dislocate his knee (oh what fun).

Anyway, I need to work and quilt a whole bunch more
to help make the Harley payment.
So I have plenty to share,
I just need to blog it.
That is my plan,
to blog often
and stay up to date.

Gonna work on that.
Blog at you real soon!


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