Friday, January 24, 2014

More from Road to California

I just have a couple quick shares tonight. First off a sighting of the Downton Abbey fabrics. They catch my eye everywhere.

This quilt caught my attention today...

I really seem to be drawn to quilts that have a New York Beauty theme to them.

I love the black and white check in there. I would never think to do that.

I sat through a lecture today on the art of bait king fabric. They use these things called chops. I really wish I owned a few authentic chops. Maybe someday.

I also took a class tonight on Celtic drawings. Here is my piece:

I visited my Mom, Aunt Rosie and Grandma Toni earlier this week. I need to share what my grandma has been up to. She used a pre-made quilt and added lace to it. She glued and sewed lace. Check this out!

Here is a close up. Isn't she amazing?


I have one more class early tomorrow. I will try to get pictures of my goodies from the show and share those later. For now, I need to get to sleep,

Blog at you later,



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