Friday, October 25, 2013

Quilt Market - Day of Schoolhouse

Wow, what a day! Let me get it started...

This is the room just before the first Schoolhouse session of the day. There were about 1200 chairs and when the doors opened and the quilters came in, there was standing room only.

The quilt on the right in the photo above is the Ladies of Downton Abbey. I have learned that my sleeves on the quilts are not quite big enough (first lesson of the day).

The two quilts on the right are my beauties as well. Edith's Grand Entrance & Regal Mary.

The stage was nicely set.

So many projects to look at.

I am pretty sure the quilt on the right is by Mountain Peak.

Beautiful Umbrellas bu Umbrella Joan.

A table full of give-aways!

Purses, purses, purses.


Look, there are people taking pictures of my quilts! How cool is that?

Even the Downton Abbey banner is awesome.

After the event was over there was some official interviewing going on.

I hung out with my friends from Andover Fabtics for awhile, then ventured out onto the Market floor. Market doesn't actually open til tomorrow, so these are some early shots.

I visited with Rachel and Dee. We talked and laughed!

Here is a view of the Market from above. Some have finished and gone off to rest, some will be here until they are kicked out.


I went to a few schoolhouse sessions:

This is a really blurry shot, but that is Lizzy House and here is one of her quilts made with her fabric.

I stayed to see Lonnie Rossi.


I really liked that yellow/grey quilt.

I squeezed into the Moda session and snapped a pic of Pst Sloan. That was quite a day. As I was on my way up to my room I met Sheila Sinclair Snyder in the elevator. We hit it off and decided to have dinner together.

Shiela was a schoolhouse speaker today (wish I could go back in time) I would have loved to be in her session. If you click on her card above you can visit her site, she has a brand new book out. You can also visit her site at:

We had a nice dinner as we chatted and chatted. Now I am gonna get some shut eye. I am sure there will be plenty to share with you tomorrow.

So, blog at you later,




Mary said...

Cool to see my friend DEE from EE Schencks! Have Fun for all of us here at home...

Amanda Best said...

Wow! I love the pictures, thanks so much for sharing! I wish I could be there, I love all of the Downon Abbey items.