Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Background and Quilt Market

I haven't blogged in forever!  At least that's what I've been told.  I have probably lost any followers that I ever had, but my excuse is - I've been busy.  I can hear it now...  " Great, you've been busy!  Show us!"

Well, I have had Asteria (block of the month) out in the big quilt world:

Asteria - Greek Goddess of the Stars

She has been in quilt stores and magazine ads.  I feel like a very proud parent.

I have Downton Abbey Quilts for Andover Fabrics.  Here are the computer generated quilts:

Edith's Grand Entrance
This one is available at the Andover Fabrics website for FREE!
Just click on the quilt above and you should be taken right to the free download.

Ladies of Downton Abbey

Regal Mary

Victorian Violet

Fans for Edith

Sybil's Spires

These of Downton Abbey quilt patterns can be found on my website:

Oh, and I supposed to do the legal thing, so here it is:

Tomorrow morning, bright and early I am helping with the Andover Schoolhouse at Quilt Market, so I should be heading off to dreamland.  I am gonna make one more quick call home to wish them a goodnight.  I plan to take many pictures in the next few days and share, share, share.  Real pictures (not computer generated).  I am trying to redeem myself in the blog world.  

In the meantime, I just couldn't resist the Halloween blog background.  I just love it.
So goodnight blog world,
blog at you later,


Amanda Best said...

Hi Tiffany!I have been waiting for more information on those lovely Downton Abbey Quilts! Are you going to have kits available, or just the patterns? I love all of them and wish I had the time/money to make each of them. I hope to be able to make the "Ladies of Downton Abbey" to kind of have a bit of them all. I wish they had made fabrics for Cora, she is one of my favorites! Thanks for the information and the link to the pattern for Edith's Grand Entrance.

Amanda Best said...

Also, I was wondering if the size of each quilt pattern is listed somewhere? I couldn't seem to find that information and I would like to know how big they would be before I decided on which one I want. Thanks again!

Tiffany Hayes said...

Amanda, thanks for the comments. I would love to see fabric for Cora as well. As for the sizes of the quilts, I am going to list them here because it is quick and easy. I will try to get them on my website soon, but I am at Quilt Market and running on empty (don't get me wrong, I'm having a great time, just exhausted).
Ladies of Downton Abbey - 72" x 85 1/2"
Regal Mary - 75" x 75"
Victorian Violet - 72" x 87 1/2"
Sybil's Spires - 76" x 93"
Fans for Edith - 66" x 86"

Amanda Best said...

Thanks for the information!