Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scalloped Borders

Have you ever done scalloped edges on a quilt?
I had not until this...
I watched youtube videos,
and thought about it,
and thought about it,
called a friend and inquired,
thought about it some more
and just did it.
I still need to tack down the binding on the back,
but I think it turned out pretty good,

Well that's it for the
quilt related stuff for today,
but here is a picture of Lindsay and her Dad
(my wonderful husband).
Sunday was Scott's birthday.
We spent the evening enjoying our backyard
and it was lovely.

Just thought I would throw in a picture
of our crazy cat, Ollie!
back at it,
I must keep plugging along
so I have more to share.

Blog at you later,

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