Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lotsa Blocks!!

Checkerboard Blocks!!
These quilts are gonna be lovely!!
We had a good time in class this morning.
These blocks belong to Liz.
Good job, Liz!
 These are Sheryl's blocks.
She pulled from her stash and purchased a background fabric.
I love to see how quilts turn out with different fabric choices.
 These blocks belong to Laurie.
They are gonna be great.
We used the Accu-quilt in class today.
Want to talk about speeding up the cutting process.
You can cut so many strips so quick.
Each student in class went home with strips cut
so they can get right to their homework.
Class again on the 30th.
There will be more to share on the Checkerboards then.

I've been working on some applique for and secret exchange.
I will get to share my quilt as well as many others
after we exchange in December.
That will be a blog to look forward to.

I should have a peaceful day at home tomorrow.
Lets see what I can get done and what I will be able to share.

Keep hanging on to see what happens next,

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