Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling Under the Weather, Maybe this will Help!

 I think this sums it up.
I have had swollen lymph nodes and a fever the last few days.
I have felt like crap,
and of course I haven't achieved much.
I went to urgent care yesterday,
got some antibiotics and
I am feeling a little better today.
Now to do laundry and such.

Here is my design board.
It is feeling very stagnant.
 I really need to finish this Kittie quilt so I can move on.
 Here is just one of my many piles of projects.

Today's big task is to quilt this quilt Grandma Toni sent me.
I have to do something to it and send it back to her today!!
She suggested stitch in the ditch, 
but I really don't care for stitch in the ditch!
I think I will do something fun in the sashing.
I can't really do much in the blocks,
they are constructed by different groups
and therefore constructed with very unique techniques,
some of which I cannot get a needle through.
Well, wish me luck.
I still plan to take it easy for most of the day,
don't want to wear myself out and be back on the couch.

Blog at you soon,

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