Friday, January 1, 2016


Brand New Quilt!

Drum roll, please...

I now present to you Phoebe - Night...
and Phoebe - Day...
There are instructions in the pattern book for each color way.

Check out how they look in gray scale.
I can only image what color schemes are going through your head right now.
I would love to know!  

Please share your color ideas with me.
The pattern book is available for sale right now
(I know, crazy, huh?)

Check it out on my website:

You can get a hard copy or download it digitally
(if you just can't wait for the postman to bring it to you).

off to create something fun,


Denise said...

Another gorgeous design, Tiffany! Can't wait to make it in the greyscale :)

Denise said...
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