Monday, May 20, 2013

Portland, Quilt Market, Woot Woot!

I would like to tell you about my first experience at Quilt Market!

This is Daryl!  I finally got to see her face to face.  We have worked together for years.  This was kinda like meeting a pen pal.  I think we were both excited.IMG_0038

Daryl is Brand Manager for Andover Fabrics.  Andover had 6 of my quilt patterns on display with their newest fabric lines.  This is what a couple of them look like.IMG_0028

I just snapped a couple of quick pictures so you could get an idea of the layout.  They are sharing all my important info with every buyer (how cool is that)!  These quilt patterns are brand new (meaning they are not on my website yet).  Give me a few minutes, I just got home, ha ha.IMG_0029

I made up a couple of quilts for their displays as well.  The folded quilt top and center is a free pattern.  It is called Seasons Best Fall by Kim Schaefer.


The one in the bottom center below is another free pattern.  This one is by Jamie Kalvestran and is called Chickadee.


I designed and had on display in the Exclusively Quilters booth my Amethyst Quilt.  This pattern is available on my website.


Now for the star of my showing!  Asteria – Greek Goddess of the Stars!  This Block of the Month is being offered by e.e.Schenk.  It is also available on my website.


Scott and I did sneak away for a couple of little adventures.  We went to the Grotto.  What a great place.  If you are ever in Portland put it on your list of places to go.


We also ate and ate and ate.  So many great places.  Here is a crazy place you should check out if you get to Portland.  It is called VooDoo Doughnuts.IMG_0095

We had to go to Harley Dealers too!  We managed to go to 3 different locations.  Scott had 3 new shirts!

We have made it home, whew are we worn out!  Gotta rest and then get back to work!

Blog at you later,


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