Friday, January 11, 2013

Where am I? At my Sewing Machine!

Well, really I am blogging (wink, wink), but I should be at my sewing machine, and I will!DSC06707

What is that strange foot on the machine?  It’s a Walking Foot!  Why?  To do stitch in the ditch! I really don’t like doing stitch in the ditch, but there is a time and a place and apparently that is now and here!

This quilt belongs to my friend, Dawna, over at Stitches from the Tub.  She has challenged me to do more than my all over meander.  So I am starting with that walking foot and then I will move on to some fancy stuff.  What you ask?  I have no idea yet!


I will have to share those pictures when I get there.  As of now, it is a mystery to us all.   Ha Ha.  Stay tuned.  I am sure Dawna will have awesome pictures of the finished quilt as well as a tutorial on the pattern.

Blog at you later,


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