Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Michigan, Here We Come!

Heading to Eau Claire, Michigan tomorrow!

My sister, Jessica, is getting married on Saturday.

I have never been to Michigan
and this will be a quick trip.
Flying out Thursday night
and back on Monday morning.
Our kids are in college (traveling with, of course)
and they need to get back for class.

I hope to set foot in a quilt shop while I'm away,
but we shall see.

If you know of a great shop near Eau Claire,
please let me know.

Let's see if I can get a few posts in about my trip,
I love to blog about the places I go and the crazy things I see and eat!

I have been creating (designing and quilting)
 & I need to share,
but that will have to be another day...

For now, I am off to sleep,
tomorrow the adventure begins,

Blog at you later,

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