Thursday, March 8, 2012

AVQA Guest Speaker - Lyn Mann

Tonight I attended the
Antelope Valley Quilt Association Guild Meeting.
There was a guest speaker, Lyn Mann.
She was great!
Her patterns are available on her website.
You can either click on her name above or
click on the link below:

She was entertaining
and had great ideas about borders.
I have collected all the pictures I took tonight
to share in one quick blog post.
I felt inspired to do some of my own creating again.
I have been creating quilt patterns
for fabric companies for specific lines.
I find that the quilt patterns
I create need to be simple in nature.
I have decided I may be a bit more complex
than I have been portraying.
Doing a little quilt designer soul searching.
Stay tuned.
Who knows what will come next.

Blog at you later,

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