Sunday, September 4, 2011

Did you think I was gone forever?

Well,  I am not!!

I have been very busy.
I did all right at the Fair.
I took 2 Second Place ribbons and 1 First Place!
Not too bad.

What's in my applique basket, you ask?
A Turkey!!
A fine item to have in a basket,
don't you think?
This is how my turkey is coming out.
I still have some applique to do on him,
then a border and quilting.
This is what the pattern looked like...
A bit too pale for me.
I started this guy soooo many years ago,
that when I got him out of his zippered bag
I was surprised to find out that the pattern pieces
I had drawn years ago with a water soluble pen,
had disappeared!

How long ago do think I started this Turkey?
I am guessing at least 4 years ago.
About time he gets finished, don't you think?
I think I can get him done for this Thanksgiving!

Now on to something else...
I designed this quilt on Friday.
Started writing up the instructions.
Dawna graciously offered to make the stars
and I accepted.
 So, here it is,
and I wanted to spend a bit of time
with my sewing machine.
We have missed each other lately.
I began to cut strips and start sewing them together.
Look what I did...
the picture above shows that
the landscape piece is just too short!

I think I have forgotten all my
quilting knowledge in the last few weeks.

Now what to do?
Should I change the pattern and get back to sewing
should I get more fabric and try it again.
I am still undecided.

Anyway, this is what I designed it to look like...
Just a side note, 
I have taken on a new project
at Bolts in the Bathtub.
We are getting ready to launch
a new website with an online store.
Guess who is loading merchandise
and classes and such on this website?
it's me.

That's where I have been lately.
Just spending heaps of time with fabric,
kits and of course my computer.

I do miss blogging though,
so lets see if I can get my act together
do it all!!

Blog at you later,
Off to shuck some corn for dinner,

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