Friday, May 20, 2011

Severe Blog Abandonment!

I have had an unknown lapse of blogging.
So sorry,
I 'm not even sure what happened, just life, you know?
Well, enough of that, back to business....
This is a new fabric from Timeless Treasures.
It is called:
but I think you could've guessed that!
I am planning, designing, cutting and stitching with it today.
Maybe tomorrow I can show you what I've done.

In the mean time,
I must tell you about last Saturday.
There was a Home Tour in the Antelope Valley,
sponsored by the

There were wonderful quilts in beautiful houses.
I have pictures!

House #1...

 Look, I designed it and someone else made the quilt and entered it!
How cool is that?

 I know this is abstract for the quilt world,
but there was a Bocce Ball Court in the back yard of House #1.
Scott and I love to play Bocce, so this was really cool!

Now on to House #2....

 And House #3....

There were a couple of things
in the back yard

that caught my attention as well.
This captured the wind and twirled quietly.
I loved it!
 A quiet waterfall sooths the soul.
This one spoke to me.
By the way, we rode the Harley to tour the houses.
It was a great morning.

We went home changed,
met up with some friends
and headed to LA for some more fun.

First stop,
We took a tour...
tried some wines.
Here is Jeri trying Chocolate Wine.
We had a late lunch at the Winery,
then headed to 
a great little bar in Long Beach.

off to the show!!
 Aren't we cute?
What a night!
We stopped for a late night taco at 
That was yummy!!
I intended to eat one taco,
but of course I ate 2!

I suppose this may be why I haven't blogged in many days.
I was in need of recovery.

I want you to know,
I am back in the quilt world,
quilting away
and will share with you soon.

Blog at you later,

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