Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nancy's Flowers

What have we done now?
Nancy sent us out on a journey
to make flowers.
So, we made flowers.
Well most of us (mine are not done yet).
Bad Me!!
Anyway, we have stunned ourselves yet again.
We have some amazingly talented women
showing up with some wonderful flowers.
 These 4 above were made by Peggy.
The one below was made by Jacque.
 Check out this close up.
Linda just kept making flowers like crazy.
I think she did 7 total. (not exactly sure)
Nancy and Karen brought theirs on Friday.
Ilana and I still have to show up with ours.
Ilana went to visit her parents.
I have just been crazy busy.
Hope to have mine to share soon.
I have a bunch of other things to share, too.
I will try to get them on the blog much more regularly.
I say it, but can I do it?
We shall see.

Blog at you later,

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