Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Goddess Block Project–Block 12

The last block (for now)!  Spinning Wheel Block.


I really had a good/tough time designing these blocks!  The blocks themselves came rather easily, but writing, filming, editing and all that jazz takes a toll on a quilter.  I need to spend more time at my sewing machine and less time at my computer.  It seems to be my never ending struggle.  Well, here is the last of the blocks in this series.

Spinning Wheels block

Click on the picture of the block below to get the PDF instructions.

Spinning Wheels

Click on the Block 12 below for a short video:

Spinning Wheels


Here is the block all stitched up.DSC_0033 (2)


So here is a digital version of something you can do with the block….Spinning Wheels Quilt

I really think this one is fun and funky!  Someday you may see these as actual patterns, you never know!  As for now, I am off to other adventures (in the quilt world, of course) and the occasional Harley ride.  The weather is beautiful here, great time for a ride.  Gotta go…

Blog at you later,


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Karee said...

I would love to buy your Goddess tool but your site does the PayPal checkout, which I refuse to use (hubs is a banker and PayPal requires far too much financial info and has been a problem for many bank customers.)
I have looked and looked for a Contact Us spot on your website for email, phone, etc and cannot find one. So I am resorting to posting on your blog. Sorry about that...
Do you have contact info someplace I missed?