Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Goddess Block Project–Block 10

I just love Saint Patrick’s Day!  The food, the green, the clover.  Speaking of Clover, that is the name of this weeks block!


It is a rather simple block.  A basic 4 patch really, with just a bit of tweaking.

Clover Block

Click on the picture of the block below to get the PDF instructions.Clover Block - Gray

Click on the Block 10 below for a short video:Block 10

Here is the block all stitched up.


I just couldn't help myself, this one is done with 2 1/2” squares of green to make it scrappy.  I will turning this into  a pillow for out couch.


Here are a couple of variations that you can do with this block.  This first one shows off the clover.

Clover Quilt

This second variation is just a bit crazy.  You really have to look to find the cover here.Clover Quilt 2

Ok, I have a lot going on (as usual), got to get back a it.

Blog at you later,


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