Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Goddess Block Project – Block 2




Here is Block 2 – Which Way Block.

Block 2

Here is the block in gray scale.  Click on the block below to download the printed instructions:

Block 2 - gray

Now for the video for Block 3 – The Gem Stones Block.  Click on the box below to watch.

Block 2 - Header

Check out what kind of quilts you can make with this block:

I designed these quilts using 20 of the Which Way Blocks.  4 blocks by 5 blocks. 

Which Way Quilt 1


Which Way Quilt 2

Which Way Quilt 3Each block is designed using The Goddess Tool, it is available in a PDF form here (click on the Tool below):NIAHS-RulerTmeplate

You can always order an actual acrylic Tool on my website, Needle in a Hayes Stack.

The reason these blocks are designed using The Goddess Tool, is because there are many quilters who own this tool and I wanted to make sure you had plenty of blocks you could create.  I do not want you to think this tool is a one purpose tool.  It has many, many uses!

I also have a video about general use of The Goddess Tool, just in case you want to check out all the uses for the tool.  Click here:

The Goddess Tool with background

I hope you are enjoying this weekly Free Block Project!

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